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NEMA EPACT&Premium Efficiency 3-Phase Motors 1HP thru 250HP Cast Iron TEFC; 143T thru 449T

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IEC T series

IE1 & IE2 & IE3 & IE4

Power: 0.06kW ~ 315kW

Frame size: 71# ~ 355#

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MSB series

Asynchronous Three-Phase Brake Motors with Squirrel Cage Rotor.Direct Current Brake

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EC Motors

Extremely high efficiency, average value can be over IE5 norms.

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NEMA TSS motors

Stainless-steel Housing Motor
The shaft, houing, end-shield, bolts & nuts of the motors are produced in stainless-steel.

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Fire Pump Motor

Power:1HP - 400HP
Frame:NEMA56 - 449T
IEC 80 - 355

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VHS series

Power: 20HP~200HP
Frame size: 254TP~447TP

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TC High Temperature

Power:0.18KW - 355kW
Frame:80 - 35

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ODP Motors

Power: 11kW ~ 260kW
Frame:IEC 160 ~ 280
NEMA 254T ~ 449T

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NEMA TF series

EPACT&Premium Efficiency Rolled Steel Frame 3-Phase TEFC Motors 1/4HP thru 10HP; 48 thru 215T; 48C thru 215TC

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Resilient Base Motors

Split Phase-Resistive start Induction Run; Capacitor Start Induction Run; Capacitor Start Capacitor Run; Three Phase Induction Run

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MSD series

Three-Phase Asynchronous Double-Polarity Motors Aluminum Housing

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